Individual sized garages


Unique pavilion in Hungary!

Made from quality parts and it makes sure about the beauty of your garden and your comfort. It doesn't need to be painted again and again so that you can save money and time.

It can be delivered on public roads as well thanks to its individual size. It is already assembled.

It is aesthetic and creates fashion with its 21st century look.

The pavilion includes galvanized structure, metal sheet covering and wooden chairs with wooden tables.

The pavilion can be ordered in two sizes and two colours. Green and brown colours (roof and wooden colours) for 4-, and 8 person.

On stock everytime. We can give discount to restaurants in case of more pieces.

4 person type price: 149.000 Ft
8 person type price: 199.000 Ft
These prices doesn't include delivery. Delivery costs 100 Ft/km.